Jane Li

Teacher – Twinkling Stars | 0-2 year olds
Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) | Full Teacher Registration

My name is Jane Li and I am the head teacher of the Twinkling Stars Room. I have been an ECE teacher since 2011 and I am still very passionate about this wonderful career.

I came to New Zealand in 2008 after I married my husband Danny. I have two children and they are both in primary school now. They spent their early childhood years at Reach for the Stars too where they learnt to be confident, kind, creative and collaborative.

I’ve worked with children of different ages from 3 months to 5 years old. And after some time I found out that babies are my most favourite age group and this is where I am currently and have been for the majority of my career. I believe children are our future and their development in the first two years is of utmost importance. I pride myself on providing them with a safe and loving environment to support their learning through our care curriculum.

Recently, I have just started my role of 2IC and am receiving mentoring regarding administration and management of the whole centre regularly from Carole. It is a big challenge, one I am ready for and a great opportunity to learn more about our Centre, and children as well as our families from our three rooms.