Moira Peeperkoorn

Teacher – Shooting Stars (3.5-5 year olds)
Bachelor of Education (ECE)
Provisional Registration

I was born in New Zealand and graduated with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at AUT in 2019. However, I worked in early childhood for two years prior to commencing my study as well as throughout my training. So, I have just under six years’ experience in early childhood,  including relieving, working part-time and full-time which has really helped me to grow as a teacher. I find working with children very rewarding and really cherish the relationships I have built throughout my teaching journey. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with all age groups in a variety of centres and have learnt a lot through this experience.

I am really passionate about working with children as I have always loved children and had been babysitting for many years prior to commencing study which I feel is what drew me to teaching. I enjoy interacting with children and seeing their enthusiasm as they engage in learning experiences and interact with each other. I am passionate about developing and building relationships with children, and getting to know them as individuals as I feel this is really important to create an inclusive environment. I have a sense of humour and enjoy laughing with the children; it really is one of my favourite parts of the job.

I am a nature lover and really enjoy going out exploring and gathering natural resources to incorporate into play experiences for the children. I feel nature is a great way for children to connect with their environment and better understand the world around them so I try to include nature in the curriculum in a variety of ways including art. I have also created my own nature basket full with natural resources that I have gathered from the forest and the beach. I look forward to sharing this with the children.


I have previously worked as reliever at Reach for the Stars and am really excited to join the teaching team in the Shooting Stars room full-time. I look forward to meeting all of the children and families at Reach for the Stars.