Nicole Zhu

Head Teacher – Twinkling Stars | 2-3.5 year olds
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) | Full Teacher Registration

Ni Hao, I am Nicole, you can also call me Jingyu Zhu which is my Chinese name. I am from Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. I came to New Zealand in 2010. I live with my husband Jeremy and our little boy Leo in Sunnynook. Leo is a part of the Twinkling Stars room. I became a mum in August 2019 and I’m really enjoying being a mother.

I finished my Bachelor of Teaching in March 2016 and started my teaching position at Reach for the Stars in August 2016.

Before this, I spent five years doing some relieving work in other childcare centres with different age groups, and that gave me a lot of experience with furthering my teaching practice.

I really enjoy working with children and I am very excited to work alongside them and see their development and achievements everyday.

After becoming a mum, I understand more about young children’s emotions and their needs. I strongly believe that every child is unique, they have their own potential which should be encouraged and supported to help them reach each stage in their development.

I am really looking forward to working alongside your children again.