Sophia Seo

Regular Reliever Teacher
-All age groups

Hi. My name is Sophia and I am from Korea. I came to New Zealand from Korea in 2013. My husband and I have two children a 7 and 5 year old.

I work every Saturday at the New Zealand School of Korea as a kindergarten teacher.  I have been doing this since 2016 and continue to.  I studied ECE level 3 at NZSE in 2019.

I began teaching at Reach for The Stars after studying ECE Level 3. It was my first relieving role in New Zealand.  I love being a mother and my role at Reach for the Stars.  So much so, I plan to continue studying ECE.

I want to convey love to the children.  I also feel happy hearing the laughter of the children. This job is really enjoyable and a very happy one being surrounded by your children every day. I am looking forward to meeting you all and working together on your children’s learning.